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NIF 2002 600

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HISENSE SPLIT AS-12 / 1,5 CV / 12000 BTU

3D Inlet Air FLow
3D Inlet , Fast Cooling , Better Heat Exchange Efficiency
24hr Timer
Set a specific time during the day to have the AC automatically turn on or off.
Emergency Operation
A convenient ON/OFF switch on the indoor unit allows you to start up the system without the remote control
Self-Diagnosis and Auto Protection Function
Malfunction codes for the indoor unit are shown on the digital display panel for fast and easy maintenance.
Press this button to shut off the display light on the front panel.
Easy Cleaning Panel and PP Filter
The panel and filter can be easily detached for cleaning.
Anti Mildew Running
After turning the AC off, the indoor fan will continue running for 30 seconds and dry condensation in the indoor unit, keeping mildew from growing.
Cold Plasma Generator
The Cold Plasma Ion Generator breaks down air molecules into positive and negative ions. In the process of forming and breaking down positive and negative ions, re-generated discharge energy oxidizes and sterilizes dust and bacterial molecules. This will keep the air clean & fresh.
Multi-Layer Air Purifying Technology
Soft Start Kits
Because the starting current is very high, some home appliances may not run smoothly when the AC starts. A soft start kit solves the problem.
High Efficient Layout
The layout of this exchanger creates a bigger heat-exchanging surface that allows for better thermal efficiency.
I Feel
The remote control measures the room temperature and relays the information to the unit to adjust to the proper station.
Anti-Cold Air Function
Prevent blowing cool air when the temperature of the evaporator is too low.
Smart Running
Once you press the “SMART” button on the remote control, the AC will run at the most comfortable mode according to the room temperature.
Super Cooling
Press the “SUPER” button on the remote controller to immediately feel the cool air you desire.
Low Temperature Heating
Keeps you warm even though the ambient temperature is lower than -15 oC.
Low Voltage Running
Works perfectly while running on low voltage.
Auto Restart Function
The AC will resume operation as soon as power is restored without manually resetting the controls.
Sleep Function
The sleep function automatically adjusts the room temperature and shuts the AC down after 8 hours.
Auto Defrost
Wide-Angle Louvers
Smoothly curved Wide-Angle Louvers provide wide airflow coverage and cooling/heating no matter where the indoor unit is placed.