scooter yadea t9
2 Wheels


  • Range : 65 Km
  • Maximum speed : 65 km/h
  • Battery : graphene
  • Power : 72V20AH 2000W
  • Available in 3 colors : Gray/black –
    Red/black –
    Matt black/black

Battery recharge time: 6 to 8 hours for full cycle.

We present you our new 100% electric scooter that does not require a single drop of fuel. Be sustainable, be green, be modern. Think about the environment and shift to the electric scooter.
With an autonomy of 65Km, the Yadea T9 scooter is as much as 4 times cheaper than a normal scooter! With a sporty look and a max speed of 65km / h, we guarantee you will have fun in a smart way with our T9 scooter!
Come and check it out at our showroom !!

scooter yadea t9