vehicle peugeot landtreck


  • Engine : 1910 cc diesel
  • Drive system : 4×4
  • Number of door : 4
  • Seating Capacity : 5
  • Manual transmission

Available in two versions:
Lev 0 : 16’ steel rims and Lev 1 : 17’ aluminum rims

Why choose it?

The lion is back in Djibouti!
Discover the brand new Peugeot Landtrek pick up at Svamc. Solid and robust yet elegant and sophisticated, the Landtrek is the latest version of pick up from Peugeot. This range of pick up is the perfect fit for African roads and conditions.

Available in two versions ( Lev 0 and Lev1), discover these new pickups at our showroom and get ready for your next adventure in Djibouti city and in the countryside »

Peugeot Landtreck